How it all began…

Prodolce was a name bubbling around in our heads for many years. The idea first emerged in discussion between our co-founders, Jason and Luigi, when they found themselves, drinks in hand, at the bar of a wedding they were attending, at very late o’clock.

The intention behind Prodolce was to introduce a new wine to the world, existing somewhere between a Champagne and a Prosecco, that catered to a market in search of a subtly sweeter wine. To achieve this, what better way than teaming up with an Italian wine producer with a noble history of making high-quality, delicious wines?

The Count ‘Piovene’ family, our co-founders, have their origins in the Veneto region where Prosecco originates and is produced. The family’s original residence dates to 1540 and designed by the famous architect “Palladio” and is now a UNESCO listed building.


Why “Prodolce?”

The “secco” part of the word Prosecco means “dry” and Prosecco’s by their very nature are a dry tasting wine. However, our “Prodolce” is pleasantly but subtly sweet, which translates as “dolce.” Hence “Prodolce” was born!

In a labour of love, we have created a bubbly wine with a subtle sweetness to appeal to all drinkers of sparkling wine – as Prodolce is truly one of a kind, existing in a category of its very own.

To achieve a beautiful balance of flavour and nose, we used a combination of two types of well-known Italian grapes: Garganega & Moscato. The subtle sweetness is not overpowering, but the bubbles have an immediate impact without taking over the spirit of the wine. We also went a step further & put our sensible hats on and kept the alcohol content to just 10.5%. Applause…!

A splendid, Vegan friendly, drink that you can savour at any time of day or night. Best served super chilled!

Be drink aware and please always enjoy Prodolce responsibly!


The ‘Piovene Cocktail’©

125ml Prodolce + 15ml Campari bitters + a slice of orange to garnish

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