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The Missing Link

The idea and intention behind Prodolce was to introduce a new type of wine to the market that would sit somewhere between a Cava, Prosecco and a Champagne, while catering to those in search of a subtly sweeter wine. Prodolce produces “un gusto dolce e delizioso” (delightful sweet taste), rather than that dry aftertaste on the palate we are all too familiar with!

To achieve this, what better way than to team up with an Italian wine producer with a noble, 500 year-old history of making high-quality, delicious-tasting wines?

For exceptional results, we used two types of well-known Italian grapes: Garganega and Moscato. This thoughtfully selected combination provides a beautifully balanced sparkling wine.

A splendid, Vegan friendly and accredited, drink to can savour at any time of day or night! Enjoy a glass, or several, of our new creation and discover that there is no equal…

There is only ONE Prodolce!

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Best sparkling wine on the market!!
Omg this sparkling wine has to be the most delicious one on the market! As an avid wine drinker I've tried a lot of different wines/proseccos... but this is easily the nicest one I've tasted. It's got such delicate and refreshing flavours, is not overpowering in taste and doesn't have the common sharp and tart finish like other wines out there. Huge bonus that it's vegan too! It's now my go-to ✨
What's not to love!!? Prodolce is by far the best of its kind on the market..... and it's Vegan, so totally unique!!! It's fresh, light, fruity and delicious. To be enjoyed any which way you fancy. You'd be foolish not to stock your fridge with it. Amazing job Prodolce!!
I bought this sparkling wine for my partner and I to share on our anniversary. It’s quite a task to find something we both enjoy but this was by far our favourite. A very beautiful sparkling wine... and vegan too! Definitely recommend, we will be buying again.
Give it a try!! If you are looking for a smooth easy to drink bubbly wine then Prodolce is the one, so easy to drink that before you know it you have finished the whole bottle. Great to drink on its own, with a meal or a catch up with your friends. You won’t be disappointed.


Current release

Prodolce Sparkling Wine

Prodolce is a refreshing, delicately-sweet wine with hints of pear, mandarin orange, honeysuckle, honeydew and a splash of citrus laced fruits.

The subtlety of the sweetness provides an ‘amuse- bouche’ for the palate. The bubbles have an immediate impact without taking over the spirit of the wine: a perfect demi-sec to make any moment a perfect occasion!

Enjoy well chilled.

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