Ladies and gents, wine enthusiasts and party animals, gather ’round for a sparkling conversation that’s about to pop the cork on a common concern – the dreaded Prosecco headache.

We’ve all been there, right?

You’re having a fabulous time, clinking glasses, and suddenly, the joy gets sidelined by that pesky headache, as if every bubble has decided to wage war over real estate in the frontal lobe of your brain!  

Fear not, fellow revellers, because we’re about to unveil a sparkling secret weapon that will have you toasting without abandon.

So, buckle up (but not too tight), and let’s dive into a headache-free zone that’s all about fun, flavour, and fabulous fizz.

Bubbles Unleashed: The Prosecco Predicament

Ah, Prosecco – the charming Italian flirt that has us all under its bubbly spell.

It’s like that magnetic friend who draws you in with laughter and good vibes, but sometimes, its charms come with an unexpected twist.

Enter the Prosecco headache – the uninvited guest at every soiree. And before you know it, your head feels like it’s been ambushed by a herd of rampaging elephants.

So why is Prosecco so notorious for causing a practically fully-fledged hangover before the night has even begun?!

Well, from sulphites, to tannins, and added sugars, it can be hard to pin an exact reason down. It’s safe to say, however, that it’s not all in your head!

Here’s are some tips on how to properly screen your sparkling wine, and how to end the curse of your Prosecco headache for good.

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Avoid Mass-manufactured Proseccos and Champagne

Research suggests that sugar content may have an awful lot to do with the negative after-effects of sparkling wines.

This is because fluctuations in glucose levels (especially those that occur quickly) affect no other organ as drastically as they impact the brain.

So, to avoid sugar-induced headaches, steer clear of mass-produced Proseccos and Champagnes.

All too often winemakers in a rush rely on added chemicals and sweeteners to mask the bitterness of their already-dry wines.

The more sugar they add, the higher the blood-sugar spike, and the greater the post-party suffering you’re likely to feel!

Take it from us, that the best form of sweetness always begins and ends with a high-quality selection of grapes – there’s no need for added sugars whatsoever, when it comes to our Prodolce sparkling wine!

Drink plenty of water and choose wines with lower % ABV

When it comes to sparkling wines, half of the headache battle is remembering that proper hydration is key!

Studies (and a great deal of personal experience) suggest a direct correlation between a higher alcohol content, and an increased risk of dehydration throughout the night.  

Unlike coffee – which *almost* counts as your first cup of water for the day – ethenol alcohol is a known dehydrator and cause of migraines.

The higher the percentage ABV (alcohol by volume) you drink, the more that pounding Prosecco headache is likely to make an appearance – all just to let you know that you’re thirsty (we know, so rude, right?!).

A good rule of thumb is to drink 6-8 ounces of water with every couple of units of alcohol you consume – or simply to follow a 1-to-1 rule per glass.

With Prodolce, we also made a concerted effort to reduce the ABV to just 10.5% – so as not to let any sensible evening end too soon!

Say no to tannins and sulphites!

You may have heard of tannins as one of the main culprits of stained teeth, but did you know that they’re also known to be a contributor to those migraines you may experience when drinking red-wine?

Tannins are a type of bitter and astringent chemical compound that belongs to a larger group called polyphenols.

While that may sound a little scary, rest assured that they are found naturally in plants, seeds, leaves and fruit skins – which explains how they get into your wine!

Some people are particularly sensitive to high levels of tannins, which can result in painful headaches and migraines.

While tannins are present in white wine, you’ll find a much greater level of tannins in darker reds and rosé wines.

Like tannins, a type of compound referred to as sulphites can also trigger headaches for some – and thus, are another additive that us sparkling wine lovers ought to try and avoid!

But don’t despair, for there’s a solution that lets you savour the sparkling joy without the dreaded aftermath.

Because Prosecco is often produced using animal products, such as casein or isinglass, are more likely to contain higher levels of sulphites, simply opting for a natural and vegan-certified sparkling wine can be a total saving grace!

people saying cheers with sparkling wine

Here’s to Headache-Free Happiness!

What’s Prodolce’s secret, you ask?

It’s all about craftsmanship and care.

We set out to masterfully create a sparkling wine that boasts the elegance of Champagne and the playfulness of Prosecco without any of the unwanted side effects.

Prodolce’s refined production methods ensure a smoother, gentler experience on your palate and head.

So, cheers, to headache-free happiness, fabulous fizz, and a future filled with unforgettable memories.

With Prodolce, the party never stops, and the headaches? Well, they’re a thing of the past.

Want to know more? Then get in touch with our team today.

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