• The Perfect Pour: How Glass Shape Influences Your Prodolce Experience

    Greetings, aficionados of effervescence!

    Our topic today?

    The marriage between our beloved Prodolce and the myriad of glasses available.

    Indeed, every fine sparkling wine deserves an equally exquisite vessel, and our Prodolce is no exception.

    A Brief History of Glassware

    The origins of glassware trace back to ancient civilizations (all the way back to Mesopotamia around 3500 BCE), where they were largely a symbol of status. 

    The Romans, prolific glassmakers, likely had some form of glass vessels for drinking wine, but it would have been most common for wine to be consumed from metal or wooden vessels, during this time.

    The Renaissance, however, marked a turning point for glassware. With advancements in glassmaking techniques, the production of glass vessels became more widespread. Stem and a foot wine glasses first appeared in the late 16th century, and caught on quickly with wine enthusiasts due to the ease with which they could now appreciate the colour and/or clarity of the wine.

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, the shape of wine glasses continued to evolve. Glasses with a wider bowl for red wines and a narrower bowl for white wines were increasingly produced.

    Finally, the development of crystal glass in the 18th century added brilliance and clarity to glassware, making it even more popular among the upper class. With the understanding that the shape of a glass can directly influence the perception of aromas and flavour.

    Fast forward to today, we’re now spoilt for choice. There exists a wide variety of wine glasses available, each designed to enhance the unique characteristics of different wine styles. 

    Thus, with choice comes the responsibility to pick right — especially when pouring a bottle as distinctively delicious as our Prodolce Italian sparkling wine (pictured above)!

    The Elegant Flute

    There’s a reason the flute is synonymous with sparkling wines.

    Its tall and slender design showcases the bubble trails of Prodolce beautifully. The narrow opening captures the wine’s delicate aromas, letting the subtle notes of pear, mandarin orange, and honeysuckle flirt with your senses.

    When enjoying Prodolce from a flute, you’re not just tasting the wine; you’re enveloped by the sheer occasion that each bubbly sip from the right flute glass can provide. 

    The Coupe: An Ode to Gatsby-esque Glamour

    The coupe, with its shallow and broad bowl, screams vintage charm.

    Its design allows the wine to breathe, emphasizing the breadth of aromas. But, because of the larger surface area, the bubbles in your Prodolce might play a quicker encore before retiring.

    Yet, if you’re a fan of aromatic richness, the coupe could very well be your glass du jour.

    Tulip Glass: The Unsung Hero

    Somewhere between the flute and the coupe lies the tulip glass.

    Its wider middle and narrowed top aim to combine the best of both worlds.

    It gives Prodolce’s bubbles room to play while retaining its fragrance. It is an excellent choice for those undecided between the flute and the coupe.

    Prodolce’s Unique Personality

    Our Prodolce isn’t just another sparkling wine; it’s an ode to innovation and tradition

    With a sweetness that nestles uniquely between a vast range of drier sparkling wines, Prodolce offers an unparalleled, subtely sweeter tasting experience.

    Given its sheer delectability, Prodolce calls for a glass that complements its complexity and history.

    people saying cheers with sparkling wine

    How the Right Glass Enhances Flavour

    The shape of a wine glass affects the wine’s contact with the air, influencing how its aromas are released, and for how long the bubbles of a sparkling wine are maintained.

    With Prodolce’s nuanced profile, the right glass can enhance the notes of honeydew, citrus-laced fruits, and its gentle sweetness, making every sip an event to savour.

    The Final Toast

    Our journey with Prodolce, from its conception at the bar of a wedding to its reality today, has been one of equal parts passion and precision.

    Just as we were particular about using the finest Garganega & Moscato grapes and keeping the alcohol content just right, we encourage you to be discerning in your choice of glassware — but to ultimately go with whatever it is you most like!

    Always remember this Prodolce mantra in parting: “Life is too fleeting for anything but the best — be it the wine you drink or the glass you drink it from.”

    To moments of sparkle, legacy, and unparalleled joy.


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  • The Anatomy of a Bubble: Why Prodolce’s Effervescence Stands Out

    Ah, bubbles!

    Those tiny, effervescent spheres dance merrily in our glasses, teasing our senses and adding magic to every sip.

    It’s no wonder that, across the world, sparkling wines have become synonymous with joy, celebration, and all things delightful.

    But have you ever paused mid-sip and wondered about the precise magic behind these tiny spheres? Or better yet, why do Prodolce’s bubbles stand out in a bubbly crowd?

    We’ve written this blog to help you find out, so let’s take a look.

    The Basics of Bubblology

    Before we plunge into the fizzy wonders of Prodolce, let’s get our facts straight about bubbles.

    These enchanting orbs are pockets of carbon dioxide gas trapped in the liquid.

    When pressure is released – like when you pop open a bottle – voila! Bubbles make their grand ascent.

    Size Matters (in the Bubble World!)

    First, the size.

    Not all bubbles are created equal. Some sparkling wines have large, quick-to-burst bubbles, while others, like our dear Prodolce, have smaller, persistent bubbles that gracefully rise and dance in the glass.

    The size of the bubbles often dictates the mouthfeel of the wine. Smaller bubbles create a creamy, luxurious texture that lingers, while larger bubbles can sometimes feel aggressive.

    Now, how does Prodolce achieve this optimal bubble size?

    It’s all in the Garganega & Moscato grapes blend and the careful fermentation process.

    With their rich history and perfect balance, these two grapes come together to create an effervescence that’s just right.

    prodolce wine being poured

    The Journey of a Prodolce Bubble

    From the Veneto region, the heartland of Prosecco, comes Prodolce, born from a rich lineage and the architectural wonders of the Palladio-designed, UNESCO-listed family residence.

    Every bubble in Prodolce carries a piece of this heritage, and if you listen closely, perhaps tales of the past.

    Just kidding!

    But seriously, the storied history adds more depth to the Prodolce experience.

    Carbon dioxide is produced as the wine ferments, and trapped inside the bottle, it dissolves into the wine.

    When we eventually open the bottle, this dissolved carbon dioxide races to escape, creating the beloved bubbles.

    But Prodolce’s effervescence isn’t just about carbon dioxide. It’s about the balance of flavours, aromas, and, yes, the delightful 10.5% alcohol content, which ensures the bubbles are both merry and mild.

    Location, Location, Location

    Where a bubble is born in your glass also plays a part.

    Bubbles prefer to form around something – a tiny imperfection in the glass, a speck of dust, or even a fibre from your cleaning cloth.

    These ‘nucleation sites’ are launch pads for bubbles.

    In a glass of Prodolce, the consistent and numerous bubbles signal both a quality wine and a clean glass.

    A Name Whispering Sweetness

    Have you ever pondered over the delightful name Prodolce?

    Deriving from “sec” or “secco”, meaning “dry”, and the Italian word “dolce”, translating to “sweet”, this sparkling wine truly captures the essence of both realms.

    And just like its name, its bubbles strike a harmony between vibrancy and subtlety.

    These bubbles, gently sweet and persistent, enhance the hints of pear, mandarin orange, honeysuckle, and honeydew in every glass.

    Serving Bubbles at their Best

    To truly appreciate the magic of Prodolce’s effervescence, serve it super chilled.

    When sparkling wine is chilled, its solubility increases, meaning it can hold more dissolved carbon dioxide.

    So, when you pour a cold Prodolce into a glass on a warm day, the resulting bubbles are more numerous, finer, and more persistent.

    The true anatomy of a perfect bubble!

    sparkling wine

    In Conclusion…

    Bubbles, in their ethereal beauty, are science and art combined.

    They’re a testament to the winemaker’s skill and the wine’s quality. And in the case of Prodolce, they’re a reflection of a rich heritage, a unique blend of grapes, and a passion for creating a sparkling wine that exists in a category of its own.

    So, the next time you pop open a bottle of Prodolce, take a moment to appreciate the bubbles.

    Observe their size, journey to the surface, and how they transform the wine’s taste and aroma.

    Here’s to the magic of bubbles and the unparalleled effervescence of Prodolce.

    Cheers to every fizzy moment!

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